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3d Carved Cakes 

Below you will find a sampling of our 3d Carved Cakes. These cakes are all highly customized to each client, and do not follow our base pricing. Our 3d carved cakes start at $150 and go up based on overall size and detail level. Of all of the amazing things we get to do, these are our favorites because they are so unique and memorable!!!


***PLEASE NOTE - These photos are of some of our CUSTOM orders - in order to do anything with this detail level we would need a MINIMUM of 4-5 weeks notice - however more notice is always better as there are weeks we book up more than 1 month in advance  -- as we only take on ONE super high detailed 3d cake per week to ensure that it gets the time and attention needed to create it!

Stack of Money Cake
Sponge Bob
Fireball Bottle
Retirement Car
Back to the Future Hoverboard
Alien Monster
Ford Truck
Newcastle Bottle
Bike Seat
Baby Belly
Coors Can
Tiki Man
Stack of Books
Addams Family "Thing"
Princess Sofia
Jack Daniels Bottle
Rust Bucket Car
Polar Bear
Fishing Boat
Scrub Top
Shoe Replica
Tea Pot
Wine Bottle
Beer Mug
Poppy The Troll
Beer Barrel
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