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Smash Cakes

Below you will find a sampling of our smash cake options.

We offer both 6" round cakes (smallest size we offer) AND jumbo cupcakes

The jumbo cupcakes are roughly the size of 2.5 regular cupcakes - and are the perfect smash-able size!  For the jumbo cupcakes you have the option of a regular paper wrapper (toucan cupcake is an example) OR a fondant wrapper attached to a cake board (Sports cupcake/monster cupcake)

We can make these as simple or as detailed as you would like - the photos below are on the higher detailed level when it comes to overall look!


***PLEASE NOTE - These photos are of some of our CUSTOM orders - in order to do anything with this detail level we would need a MINIMUM of 2 weeks notice - however more notice is always better as there are weeks we book up more than 2 weeks in advance 

Alice in Wonderland
Monkey (jumbo cupcake)
Spots (jumbo cupcake)
Cat in the Hat
Monster (jumbo cupcake)
Owl (jumbo cupcake)
Tropical (jumbo cupcake)
Dots and Balloons
Ninja Turtles (jumbo cupcake)
Super Mario
Balloons & Dots
Toucan (jumbo cupcake)
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