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  • Where are you located and what are your hours?
    Our store front is located at 20770 Lake Forest Drive, Suite C, Lake Forest CA 92630! We are closed on Mondays Tuesdays thru Saturdays we are currently open 9am - 5pm Sundays we are open from 9am - 3pm **PLEASE NOTE - we are closed on Mondays - so we are unable to answer the phone or respond to emails that day! We thank you in advance for your patience in us getting back to you when we return on Tuesday!
  • Do you have items I can just call and pick up today?
    YES! We do! We have 6" round cakes in store, they serve up to 12 and are decorated to match the flavor. Currently they are $35 each Weekly we have 3 of the same -- currently they are vanilla vanilla with rainbow sprinkles -- vanilla with strawberry fruit filling -- and chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and vanilla buttercream icing. We have a fourth flavor that rotates weekly such as red velvet, lemon blueberry, lemon raspberry, vanilla chocolate raspberry, chocolate caramel, tiramisu, almond raspberry, carrot cake, pumpkin cake, spice cake, strawberry cake, strawberry with lemon, banana and coconut... call to find out what the flavor of the week is this week! *We do sell out of these weekly - so if you know you are having a celebration we would love to put one on hold for you, that way we set it aside the day it is made so you can pick it up anytime and are guaranteed the flavor you want! We carry an assortment of breakfast pastries such as savory croissants, chocolate croissants, butter croissants, almond bear claws, apple crowns, turnovers, danishes, scones, and a special danish of the week. Our menu changes weekly so there is always a new flavor to try! In addition we also carry an assortment of medium size desserts - we rotate these flavors and items all the time, so call us and we can tell you the flavor of the day! We have petit fours, cookies, French macarons, brownies, cookie dough bars, pie bars, cheesecake bars, cheesecake shots, tarts, and assorted other things. These are also items we are happy to reserve in advance! At this time we are unable to offer same day or next day delivery due to staffing. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Do you deliver? How much does it cost?
    We do deliver, but only offer a limited number of deliveries daily - and delivery is based on milage as well as time from our location to yours. If you send us the address we will give you a quote. Delivery is a limited availability item and we may not always be able to deliver or may not be available at certain times due to orders that were placed prior to yours or availability of our driver. We do our best to accommodate everyone but because we only have one person who does pickups as well as deliveries we have limited availability. If you are debating between delivery and pickup -- we suggest planning for delivery as it is easier for us to cancel closer to the date. We can NOT always add it in closer to the date -- and we NEVER add it in the week of. *unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer same day/next day/same week delivery due to staffing
  • How do I place an order or custom order?
    The first question - is it something we carry in store? Or would it be considered custom, where you are picking the flavor, size, or design? If it is something we carry IN STORE - you can call us or come in to reserve items in advance. We offer a limited selection of 6" cakes in store, and other small bite desserts in a variety of flavors. This type of order would be subject to what we have that day/week - and will not be able to be something you customize the flavor, size or decoration of. If your order is custom - meaning we are doing something specific for you -- where you choose the flavor, size, color, design... The best way is check our availability calendar (we try to keep it current!) and then to fill out the form on the order tab or send us an email! - we do tend to book up a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. ***We do not handle custom orders IN STORE!!!! Our staff is awesome, and we love them - but we can do a ton of different custom things and there is no way they would be able to answer every question, give you accurate pricing, or have the experience they may need to make suggestions and recommendations on what we can do... They will be able to answer most of your questions on reserving in store items thought! This is the reason we do not do in person meetings, pricing in person, or booking for custom orders in person. It is also why we make very few errors or mistakes, because the same person you speak to about your custom order is the same one you are always speaking to and is most likely the one making and overseeing your order to ensure it is exactly as discussed! Email: OR Contact form on our Contact us page Call: (949)395-2615***Please note, we only do pricing for custom items through email (it is easier to organize and keep track of that way - and ensures we don't miss any important details - there is one person who does all of this and they are not always in store!) *We try to respond as fast as possible, but being a very small detail oriented company, time sometimes gets away from us. Your calls and emails are extremely important to us, however if you contact us on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday chances are we will get back to you early the following week as our weekends are dedicated to the events and cakes taking place that weekend. ***WE ARE CLOSED ON MONDAYS! ***We DO NOT handle anything through text or social media direct messages --- Please do not text us photos (our phone is a landline, and we are not ignoring you! We simply don't get your messages!) or ask pricing - as it is to hard for us to keep track of and we are unable to offer stellar customer service that way-- thank you for your understanding! Please know, we understand if you are frutsturated that you need to email us to get pricing on a custom event. We know there are people that prefer to do everything in person and we get it! But the person that does the pricing isn't always in store, or able to stop working on the custom orders she is working on with a time deadline... Just as she wouldn't stop in the middle of your order making it any less than perfect! Once you get the initial pricing details you are more than welcome to call and we can handle everything else that way! If you are wanting to place a deposit or pay in person, we would always urge you to call PRIOR to just stopping in to make sure that your paperwork for your order is all set and that you never feel like it was a trip wasted! We never want to waste your time!
  • How far in advance do I need to order?
    For us, there is no such thing as to much notice! We book up a minimum of two weeks notice for all CUSTOM orders - so more notice is always best to ensure we have adequate planning and preparation time to create your completely custom dessert. We do book up every weekend, typically three weeks to month and a half in advance. Check our Availability Calendar to make sure your date is open! (we do our best to keep this up to date, but there are times it may show availability that isn't accurate) *We do our best to keep it up to date, but we are human, and sometimes the spots fill up before we can update it! We ask that you have the majority of the details nailed down when placing your order -- and we can fine tune the minor details down the line. We REQUIRE that all orders be fully confirmed and finalized 8 days prior to the event. If you are unable to finalize your order by the given cut off day, we will have to cancel your order. We can try to accommodate last minute orders if we have openings, or if you are looking at one of our predeisgned options, however some decorative aspects may not be possible with short notice!
  • How does your pricing work?
    The starting pricing for everything is listed on the pricing tab above - For anything decorated, these are strictly starting prices, meaning if your cake or items have more detail (beyond just white icing no decoration) or are 3D the pricing will go up from there. We do not include "some decoration" in our cake pricing -- as we want to ONLY charge you for what you are getting... so everything is priced on a per item basis We try to be as fair as possible based on our quality, but there are some stores like Costco and grocery chains that we just can't compete with as they are made by machines, with xxl bulk ingredients and shipped to the store frozen -- but our quality and level of detail is on a completely different scale. All of our items are handmade from scratch, fresh to order specifically just for you -- and border on edible art, not just a generic mass produced cake - so we don't have the ability to machine mass produce items and just hold them in the freezer until they are ordered. Please note, we do not change our pricing based on event type. We believe that the detail/size are what should determine the pricing. So if you are doing a very elaborate tiny cake for a birthday, it may be a higher budget than a very large textured icing cake with no decoration used for a wedding, as the details are what are driving the price.
  • What flavors and items do you offer - and what are the most popular?
    In store we offer a variety of options that rotate daily. When it comes to CUSTOM orders (with advance notice) we can do close to almost anything as long as you have reached out early! Check out the menu tab above to see the different items and flavors we offer - and if it isn't on the list, all you have to do is ask - we are happy to customize your treat and create a special item just for you if we can, based on availability and timeline. For our cakes - the most popular flavors are our signature combinations. These became "signature" simply because they started as the fan favorites! Only the ones noted with **** will add to the cost as a premium item -- but there are certain elements we can leave out to keep them standard pricing (usually this is a filling mix in) The only things we don't make or work with are angel food cake, Tres Leches cake, mousse cake fillings, and whip cream as a filling or icing.
  • I have allergies can you make a gluten free, dairy free, vegan, nut free cake or sugar free?"
    We do our best to accommodate all special requests, however we do use a shared kitchen space with shared tools so if you have a serious allergy we would suggest going to a bakery specializing in your allergen free items. We do take every precaution to prevent cross contamination by pre-washing & sanitizing our tools and equipment as well as a complete kitchen sanitation between tasks, however one can never be to careful when it comes to extreme allergies! We offer some dairy free options but most of our items contain butter, and we have both peanut and tree nut free options for those with sensitivities (though we work with dairy and tree nuts regularly!). Gluten FRIENDLY options are currently only available in our brownies and cake options (*an additional charge will apply as gluten free flour ingredients are more expensive) and select naturally gluten free additional desserts. In store we carry brownies and no cake left behind cups (ask for the flavors we have!) We can do custom cupcakes or cakes when ordered in advance Vegan. In store we carry (most of the time) vegan no cake left behind cups. This is the only vegan option we offer and are unable to do custom cakes at this time vegan as some of our decorative items do not fall into the certified vegan category. At this time - Unfortunately we can't accommodate organic, or sugar free requests
  • I called and/or emailed you and haven't heard back, when will you respond?"
    We respond quickest to emails - and we do our best to respond as quickly as possible IN THE ORDER WE RECEIVE them. There is unfortunately not a person sitting at the computer all day everyday so we kindly ask that you give us a minimum of 48-72 business hours to respond (please keep in mind, we are closed on Mondays!) Sending multiple "check in" emails will continually bump you to the back of the response line as we answer all messages in the order they are received (so if you send a message on Friday, and another on Sunday and another on Tuesday -- you will be behind everyone else who sent them before Tuesday...) If you contacted us on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday - we most likely will get back to you the following week as we prioritize finishing the events that we are working on over the weekend, just as we will for your event. Your events are very important to us, so if you are contacting us regarding something happening the same week or regarding pickup or delivery the day before or day of, please call us as we don't continually check our emails every few minutes. -- We are focusing on creating your items! If you are calling us for anything - please be sure to leave us a message, as we DO NOT return called without a voicemail (you wouldn't believe the number of solicitation calls we get...).
  • What do I need to include to place an order?
    *It is easiest and quickest to fill our our form on the Order Tab for both quotes and orders or email us directly In order to get on the calendar we require a deposit! (we have an FAQ for that too!) We do not take deposits until we have a good idea of what you have in mind so we will need the following details in order to give you pricing! - Date of the event - Number of guests - What you have in mind in terms of dessert (cake/cupcakes/other items...) - And photos of items you like --- these can be found anywhere online or from our portfolio -- they do not have to be PERFECT as we can tweak and change everything ****Keep in mind, we make a version of edible art -- so no two cakes are ever identical, even if they are cakes we make. We specialize in customizing to each client -- so there will be variations in every design -- especially ones that were not originally ours (we would like to think our variations make it better than the original!) - for that reason we can not guarantee anything will look EXACTLY like a photo you send us *Let us know if you have an allergies or sensitivities as we will make a note on your order and discuss your options. Please note, we work in a shared kitchen space and all tools and equipment comes into contact with all known major allergens (tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, dairy, eggs)
  • Your calendar says you are booked - is that true?
    Most likely, unless we had a cancelation that we hadn't had a chance to update yet... (we don't tend to get many cancellations) We do our best to keep the availability calendar as up to date as possible - and we do tend to book up three weeks to month and a half in advance on average. Once we max out, we stop taking orders to ensure that every order that leaves our kitchen meets our extremely high standards. We would never want to take on an additional order and then not be able to meet or exceed your expectations because it was half done, rushed and sloppy.
  • Do you require a Deposit?
    For regular celebrations (we have a different deposit system for weddings) Yes, we require a deposit in order to hold a spot on our calendar. Price quotes are not a guarantee of a spot and we work on a "first to place the deposit gets the spot" system, so we recommend placing your deposit as soon as you know we are the right fit for your event. We offer 2 options to place your deposit -- You can either call us or email us with a credit card number to put on file. This card number is NOT charged unless you specifically say you would like to pay in advance for your order. Your card is not permanently on file, it is only on file for this one order this one time. You are responsible for paying upon pickup or delivery through this method - and we do require a physical card if you opt to pay by credit card the day of your event. (We will not "just run the card on file" unless you let us know in advance. ------ This card will be charged a partial to full charge if you cancel your order (please see our terms and conditions), or if you do not pickup your order. If any special ingredients or tools were ordered for your order, you will be charged regardless of when you cancel. We destroy the card number on file once your order is paid for. ​ -- You can pay in full in advance - either through venmo, dropping off cash, or through an invoice where you enter your own card information. These are payment in full options, so you will need to have your order 99% finalized at the time of ordering. If we need to make any minor changes between the time of the deposit and pickup/delivery the remaining balance will be due the day of. For major changes, we will ask for payment at the time of making the adjustments. ***For these deposit options, they are refundable up until 1 week prior to your event - after that point they are non-refundable. If any special ingredients or tools were ordered for your order, a portion of your deposit will be retained regardless of when you cancel. *We do not accept checks at this time
  • How can I pay for my order?
    We accept cash, venmo, credit card, or we can invoice you.
  • What I the deal with Fondant?
    We know some people love it and some people hate it. We use a sweet vanilla marshmallow fondant on our items. This is a rolled icing used to cover some of our cakes, our decorated sugar cookies, and make our decorative accents. If we are talking about a cake, this is on top of a layer of our vanilla buttercream. We do a thin layer to ensure that it is an ACCENT not a focal point because no matter how good it tastes, no one would like a quarter inch thick chewy crust on the outside of their cake. We do use fondant on our decorated sugar cookies with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream under it. We accent with royal icing. We do make almost all of our decorative elements out of fondant. Most of the time we make these so they can harden to prevent them from being easily broken later... So this will be a sweet, but crunchy accent to your desserts (cupcakes/cakes...) If you are wanting a cake that is dark in color -- red, black, navy, dark purple, emerald - we will always advise fondant over buttercream - as it takes so much food color to get it so bold that it will stain your guests teeth and be bitter. Certain designs can be modified to be fondant free - but certain designs can not. If you are one of those people that hate fondant, we understand! Talk to us and we will discuss what options we have and what we can do fondant free.
  • I am having a wedding or large event - is there anything different I need to do to order?
    Yes, when ordering for all weddings and other large events (anything over $250) we highly recommend a minimum of three to four months or more notice(for weddings) a minimum of 1-2 months in advance for all other large events, in order to ensure that we will be able to deliver and set up or accommodate your large order. There is a $50 hold the date deposit that is required as soon as you know we are the right fit for your event. This amount is non-refundable and will go toward the overall cost of your event.
  • Do you do tastings?
    We only offer consultations & tastings for weddings with more than 2 months notice to the wedding date - however we have a full retail storefront that allows for you to stop in and grab a few items to try us out before placing your order! At this time only do cake tastings for weddings that meet our $250 minimum (prior to delivery) and are more than 2 months from the date. While we wish we could offer in person consultations and tastings to every client, it just isn't possible with our very limited staff while maintaining our level of detail and attention to every order. All wedding consultations are $35 - which is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable. -- This will go toward the cost of your wedding as long as it meets the minimum ($250 prior to delivery) Due to the fact that we can't make only one individual mini dessert at a time in many cases the wedding tastings are limited to cakes only. ​ We offer consultations Tuesday - Wednesday and some Thursdays from 10am - 5pm and on select Sunday's. We are busy in the kitchen preparing for the weekend events on Friday's and Saturday's so we never offer tastings on those days of the week. We do book up in advance for tastings consultations (especially for the Sunday times), and do require a minimum of two weeks notice for these as well.
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