Pricing For Everything Except Cakes

Please See each individual items for the minimum required quantities --- Minimum quantities would be all the same flavor 

Please see our Flavors Menu for the flavor options for each item

Cupcakes - Cake Trifle Cups - Mini Cakes

*There is a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor of standard size cupcakes, 5oz trifle cups & all the mini cakes

*There is a 2 dozen minimum for mini cupcakes and 2oz shot glass size cake trifle cups

*There is a 6 piece minimum for all jumbo cupcakes, unless you are ordering a larger cake, or added cupcakes as well

*Decorative toppers have a minimum of a dozen, and max of 3 designs per dozen - we are happy to do more, however additional charges will apply

Standard Size Cupcakes

These are baked in signature white or brown fluted cardboard cups

Simple icing with sprinkles - $1.75 each ($21/dozen)

Icing and a handmade fondant topper - Start at $2.50 each ($30/ dozen)

Add a filling for $0.25 each

Mini Cupcakes

These are baked in standard white paper liners

Simple icing and sprinkles - $10.25 per dozen

Icing and a handmade fondant topper - Start at $15 per dozen

**These are sold strictly by the dozen - and have a two dozen minimum per flavor

Jumbo Cupcakes 

These are baked in our standard white or brown paper liners

Simple Icing and sprinkles - Start at $4

Icing and a single simple handmade fondant topper - Start at $6

Icing and a single handmade fondant topper with a # and name plaque - Start at $12

Replacing the paper wrapper with an edible fondant wrapper and attaching to a cake board - Add $5 

Add a filling for $1.00 each

***These make great smash cakes for children's birthdays!! See our Smash Cake gallery for ideas***

Cake Shots

These are layers of cake, fillings, frostings, mix-ins, and drizzles - served in a heavy clear plastic cup with a spoon

2 oz shot glass size - $24 per dozen

5 oz large cup size (these are about the size of 1.5 regular cupcakes) -  $48 per dozen

 *Minimum of 2 dozen --- Must be sold by the dozen for boxing purposes

Mini Cakes 

These are layers of cake and filling, wrapped in a clear plastic (to keep from drying out)

Small - (2 layers of cake, 1 layer of filling -- 2" wide x 2" tall) - $54 per dozen

Medium - (3 layers of cake, 2 layers of filling -- 2" wide x 3" tall) - $60 per dozen

Large (3 layers of cake, 2 layers of filling -- 3" wide x 3" tall - These serve 2) - $72 per dozen

2oz shot glass cake trifles

Our Regular Cupcakes (this is an example of our signature fluted cardboard liner

Small Mini Cakes

Certain fillings and frostings may include an additional charge

Depending on how they are decorated the price may change

Added costs may be involved if you would like us to place them in the decorative wrappers that need to be built/taped around the bases


Due to the fact that these cookies tend to be extremely unique to each event it is difficult to price them generically.

These are the starting prices based on a typical simple size (square or round) with very simple decoration. Specialty shapes with specialty decoration, metallic lettering or painting, hand drawn characters or logos or fine detail work will increase the per cookie price. 

Standard (3") Start at $4 each

Large (4") Start at $5 each

Extra Large (5" +) Start at $6


Unfortunately not all designs are available in all of the sizes due to cookie cutter availability and decoration space needed for certain details and writing space needed

***We request that a minimum of a dozen - with a max of 3 designs per dozen - We can do single cookies with different decorations if requested, however please note there will be an increased cost ***

We are happy to individually bag them! Individually bagging starts at $0.50 per cookie

(*the bagging cost will change if you want us to make or attach a tag, or if you require non-standard solid colored ribbon)

French Macarons 

*Contact us to find out the flavor options we offer that will match your color scheme!  - these are made with almond flour so they are not nut allergen friendly!! 

Small (1.25") start at $27 per dozen

*minimum order of 2 dozen required

- max of 1 color/flavor per 2 dozen

Brownies, Blondies, & Bars

Small (1.5") Start at $10 per dozen

Medium (2") Start at $18 per dozen

*2 dozen minimum per flavor - Small size

*1 dozen minimum per flavor - Medium size 


9" deep dish serves 8-12 Starts at $18

4" mini size - Starts at $5.50

*Gluten Free 9" start at $23 

Scooped Cookies 

These would be like regular chocolate chip cookies (in any flavor)

Small (1.5") Start at $10 per dozen

Medium (2.5") Start at $18 per dozen

Large (3.25") Start at $27 per dozen

*2 dozen minimum per flavor - Small size

*1 dozen minimum per flavor - Medium & Large Size

Rice Crispy Bites

Small (1.5") - Plain - $9 per dozen

Small (1.5") - Chocolate Dipped - $12 per dozen

Medium (2") - Plain - $15 per dozen

Medium (2") - Chocolate Dipped - $18 per dozen

*2 dozen minimum per flavor - Small size

*1 dozen minimum per flavor - Medium size 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

*subject to seasonal availability - pricing varies based on size and seasonal availability and market price

Start at $18 per dozen

Time of year/availability plays a role in the pricing and overall size/ripeness of the berries

*2 dozen minimum per chocolate outside

Coconut Macaroons

Small (1.5") - Plain - $10 per dozen

Small (1.5") - Chocolate Dipped - $13 per dozen

*2 dozen minimum per flavor - Small size

Mini Tarts

These would be any of our regular flavors from our pies/tarts menu

Fresh Fruit topped tart pricing is listed below

Mini Bite size 1.25" - $15 per dozen

Medium size 2" - $18 per dozen

Fresh Fruit Tarts 

Mini bite - 1.25" - (single fruit only) - Start at $18 per dozen

Medium size - 2" (single fruit only) - Start at $22 per dozen

Medium size - 2" (mixed fruit) - Start at $30 per dozen

*2 dozen minimum per flavor - Small size

*1 dozen minimum per flavor - Medium  size

Chocolate Dipped Treats

Jumbo Twisted Pretzels - $8 per dozen

Jumbo Pretzel Rods $12 per dozen

Single Marshmallow (on a stick) - $9 per dozen

Double Marshmallow (on a stick) - $12 per dozen

Super Jumbo Marshmallow (these are roughly the size of a regular cupcake - no stick) - $18 per dozen

Smore's on a stick - same pricing as the marshmallows above

Oreos or similar style cookie (1/2 dipped)- start at $9 per dozen

Oreos or similar cookie - (fully dipped similar to a candy bar with an cookie center) - start at $30 per dozen

*2 dozen minimum for all of the above

Shot Glass Desserts

*mini size must be sold by the dozen

2oz - Small Cups - Start at $22 per dozen

5oz - Large Cups (a little larger than a standard cupcake) - Start at $42 per dozen

*2 dozen minimum per flavor - Small size -- Must be sold by the dozen for boxing purposes

*1/2 dozen minimum per flavor -  Large size - Must be sold in increments of 6 for boxing purposes

Cheesecake Bites

Small size - 1.5" - Start at $15 per dozen

Medium size - 2.25" - Start at $24 per dozen

*2 dozen minimum per flavor - Small size

*1 dozen minimum per flavor - Medium  size 

*Fresh fruit or a Fruit topping will increase the pricing

Lollypop Style Cake Pops
Upside Down Cake Pops
Cake Truffles

Cake Truffles & Cake Pops

*We bake our cake and mix it up with our icing to create these sweet and soft cake pops - So no dry cake here!

*Unfortunately we do not specialize in shaped or highly decorated cake pops.

The pricing below reflects either sprinkles or drizzle in colors to coordinate with your theme.

If you would like us to add a decorative topper, we can do so for starting at $0.50 additional 

Certain sprinkles, colored chocolates, ribbons tied around the sticks, and metallic accents will increase the pricing.


Cake Truffle 

These are our cake pops - just without the stick. They have a flat spot and will sit on a plate or platter.

These are garnished on top with either sprinkles, drizzle or a flavor specific garnish 

Starting at $18 per dozen

Lollypop Style Cake Pops

These are completely round and would need to be placed in Styrofoam, a cup or some container.

(You will need to provide your own stand, as that isn't something we offer) 

Starting at $28 per dozen

Upside Down Cake Pops

(These have a flat spot and would be served sitting flat with the stick up.

Starting at $24 per dozen

*For all of our cake pops - we have a 2 dozen minimum - all the same flavor and colored chocolate icing on the outside

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We do everything from simple chocolate chip cookies to elaborate wedding cakes and 3D cakes. We have a passion for creating memorable desserts to make any event just a little bit sweeter! We do book up quite a bit in advance, especially for highly custom options, so we suggest contacting us very early as we only take on 15-20 CUSTOM events a week. 

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