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Custom Order 

Availability Calendar 

We Require a MINIMUM of 2+ weeks notice for ANYTHING CUSTOM - Sometimes More!

**there is NO SUCH THING as to early to start planning for us!

What is custom? We consider custom to be anything where you are choosing the FLAVOR -- SIZE -- OR DECORATION as we would be making it custom just for you. This does not mean that they have to be fancy or more expensive. It simply means it isn't something we currently have in store in your flavor/size/or decoration.

Please know -- it does not take us 2 weeks to make these items, they are made FRESH in house for you! However we only take on a certain number of custom orders weekly to ensure that we do not overbook or over extend causing us to have to rush orders, or fail to fulfill them to the level and quality we are known for! That being said, we book up a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, sometimes earlier -- so it is HIGHLY advised to reach out early. We hate telling people no, it is truly one of the worst parts of this job - but we would rather do that than disappoint clients because we rushed/forgot/or didn't have time to do their order!

We do offer daily treats in store that do not require a minimum order - or advanced notice (however we do sell out daily, so it is best to call prior if there is something specific you are looking for!). We also offer predesigned cakes that require less notice along with 6" cakes in store that we make that are ready same day or next day. 

Depending on the week we MAY be able to reserve in store items with less notice - or do non-custom items depending on what it is. HOWEVER it is strongly suggested you reach out earlier if you know the event is happening to prevent disappointment!

We are an artisan hand crafted bakery meaning everything we make is upheld to our high detail standards.

So we require more notice than a traditional store front does when it comes to our custom creations.

We also tend to book up further in advance as we don't take on as many custom orders as a traditional bakery does, to allow us the ability to spend a little extra time on every order that leaves our kitchen. 


We do our best to continually update our availability calendar based on our upcoming events. ***Because spots do sometimes fill up very quickly , this calendar may not be perfectly up to date 100% of the time - so we apologize in advance if you see a date with a single spot left -- or a few spots left, that is no longer available when you contact us. **** Due to the fact that we are a 100% custom and handcrafted company, we take on only the number of orders that we know we can complete to our high standards. We do tend to book up three weeks  to two months in advance on average, so our calendar fills up quite quickly!

We require a minimum of 2 weeks  notice for all CUSTOM events, regardless of the sizeas long as we have availability

-- FOR LARGE EVENTS --- such as wedding or larger parties -- We do tend to book up 1-4 months in advance on average depending on the time of year.  


Spots on our calendar are only held with a deposit - We only take a deposit once we give pricing information


Certain seasons and dates are always busy for us. We book up quite a bit further in advance during the spring (weddings), early summer (graduations), fall (weddings) and holiday season. We would love to work with you, so if you contact us early, and place a deposit, we can reserve a spot on our calendar for you!

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