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Custom Cake Pricing

When it comes to custom orders - It doesn't mean it has to be fancy. It simply means it is something that you are picking the size, flavor or design so we are making it special for YOU. We book up a minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance - sometimes earlier depending on the time of year. We can't stress it enough, please reach out EARLY! 

ALL custom orders are exclusively done thru email or our contact us form. The girls who work in store are not able to answer all questions regarding custom orders, so we highly suggest starting the process thru email or our contact us form to avoid frustration if you stop in and they can't answer your questions! 

Because our list of offerings is so large and always changing these are strictly starting prices for our cakes.  Please keep in mind that we create everything by hand, from scratch and certain details and items require specialty skills to create. Pricing will vary based on complexity of design and details. 

The pricing for our other sweet treats can be found here. 

We offer pretty much any size and shape that you could possibly desire. This is a starting list of options - If you have a different size in mind, please ask!

These are the starting prices for basic shaped (not carved or sculpted) cakes. Due to the fact that sculpted and carved cakes are all so unique the pricing is only on request for each individual cake based on shape, size and detail level. Our carved cakes start at $250

We have the suggested serving size broken down for each size cake below. This is the size we would suggest taking into account the richness of our cakes. However we understand that some parties serve and eat smaller pieces and some parties prefer larger pieces, so you are always allowed to choose a different size!

When you email your request in, let us know how many guests you are serving and we are more than happy to give you suggestions on size options!


Very basic decoration (writing on top) is included and all prices are based on a single cake flavor, filling flavor and are either white buttercream or fondant. *These are the strictly the starting prices (meaning - White outside icing with NO decoration - the pricing will change if you want to do multiple cake layer or filling flavors, extended (extra tall) cakes, premium fillings or frostings, and any additional decoration or hand made fondant flowers, logos or characters. We believe in only charging for what you are getting so we do not include "some decoration" in the starting pricing. 


For the cakes covered in fondant there is still a buttercream layer below the fondant. We use a thin layer of premium fondant that is sweet an tastes like icing so there is no need to remove it prior to serving.

*Please see our Flavors tab to see the different cakes, fillings and frostings available 

*For any cakes that have a dark color such as red, dark blue, black, or dark purple we suggest recommend fondant on the outside as it takes so much food coloring to tint the icing that it becomes bitter and stains your guest's teeth


All cakes we make are always 3 layers of cake with two layers of filling and average 4 - 4.25" tall.

For all custom orders -- We HIGHLY suggest sharing with us what your max budget is. We are more than happy to work within it - but we will not send out multiple alternative options if we don't know what the budget is. *We never inflate our pricing based on your budget, and we never discount our work. It simply allows us to ensure that in addition to the pricing as shown in the inspiration photo, we give you options that are realistic for your specific celebration!

Round Cakes

Regular Single Tier Round Cakes

Pricing for Fondant Designs and larger cakes greatly depend on the detail level. Please contact us for pricing.

Multi-Tier Round Cakes

Pricing for Multi-tier cakes greatly depend on the detail level of the design. Please contact us for pricing

Square & Rectangle Cakes 

With square and rectangle cakes, we tend to only suggest these if the design needs it for looks. We suggest cutting all of our round cakes like you would a square (we give you a cutting guide at pickup) so they are just as easy to serve! Square and Rectangle cakes always are a bit more in terms of cost because of the corners. We don't serve sad frosted corners here!

Regular Single Tier Square Cakes

Pricing for Fondant Designs and larger cakes greatly depend on the detail level. Please contact us for pricing.

Multi-Tier Square Cakes

Pricing for Multi-tier cakes greatly depend on the detail level of the design. Please contact us for pricing

Standard Rectangle Cakes 

Some may call these a sheet cake - Please note, we do not make traditional grocery store/big box store style "sheet cakes" 

Our rectangle shaped cakes are the rough dimensions of a sheet cake - but unlike a grocery store style cake, they are 3 large layers of cake with 2 layers of filling and are 4.5" tall. Standard "sheet" cakes average 1.5-2" tall and are typically one, maybe 2 layers of cake. 

Starting Prices for Some of the Additional Decorative Handmade Add-ons

***PLEASE NOTE - Every event is different as the detail level is different - this is JUST starting pricing examples

*These are just ideas of additional pricing to give you and idea - Pricing varies based on detail level

Handmade fondant flowers - start at $30 per large flower depending on quantity, size and intricacy

Logos - start at $20 depending on size and detail level

2D animals, people or things - start at $25 each

3D animals, people, or things - start at $50 each

Fondant or Buttercream Ruffles - start at $50 depending on the size cake, style and number of colors

Fresh Fruit or our Premium flavors/fillings - start at $10 depending on cake size and season (for fresh fruit)

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