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Elegant Cakes

Below are some examples of our Wedding and Elegant style cakes. Some of these cakes were for weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, bridal showers and baby showers - so elegant cakes are not just for weddings!!! We offer sugar flowers (added cost) as well as fresh flower placement, as long as you provide the fresh flowers. We will either place the flowers upon delivery, or you can drop them off prior if you plan on picking up your cake. There is no charge for flower placement unless it is a significant amount of flowers.


***PLEASE NOTE -  (please see note below regarding WEDDINGS specifically) These photos are of some of our CUSTOM orders - in order to do anything with this detail level, for events that are NOT weddings, we would need a MINIMUM of 3-4 weeks notice - however more notice is always better as there are weeks we book up more than 4 weeks in advance 

For weddings specifically, we HIGHLY suggest at least 3+ months notice. We only take on ONE wedding per day as we require weddings to be deliveries. The pricing is the same regardless of event type, but with weddings it isn't realistic to say you will be picking up the cake! So that is the only exception! We only have one delivery van, and 2 employees who deliver wedding cakes (as we place the flowers complementary with delivery) so we are only able to typically take on one wedding per day as they all tend to start around the same time, meaning cake delivery tends to be around the same time. 

We are only able to do tasting consultations for weddings with 2+ months notice.

Gray Ombre Ruffles
Ruffles & Gold
Navy & Blush
Purple Floral
White & Gold
Ruffles & Flowers
Purple Ombre Floral
Green & Blush
Simple Floral
Mosaic Tiles
Pink & Gold
Purple Baby Shower
Yellow & Gray
Ombre Purple
Navy & Pink Stripe
Golden Anniversary
Purple 90th
Vertical Stripe
Pink & Gold Ruffle
Burgundy Ruffle
3 Piece Wedding
Ombre Ocean
Horizontal Stripe & Pink Flower
Pink & Gold Baptism
Golden Engagement
Pink & Gold 1st Birthday
Black & Gold Stripe
Mardi Gras
Clean & Simple
Golden Sequins
Gray & Red Ruffles
Purple Non-traditional Flowers
Navy & Gold
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