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Contact Us & Orders

STOP! Are you thinking of placing a custom order? (meaning anything you are picking the size, flavor or design of) - We exclusively do those orders thru email or the contact us form below! PLEASE note, we are not able to do custom orders in store. The staff can talk to you all about what we carry in store - but are not aware of the pricing or details for custom orders. We don't want you to feel as though you wasted your time by coming in to discuss an order - so please read thru the below portion and shoot us the details (either email or the form below) and we would love to discuss your custom option!


Before filling out this form, please keep in mind that we are a very small family bakery. Because we strive for perfection and focus on the details our hands are constantly covered in buttercream so it may take us a little while to get to the computer. Please allow us 72 hours to respond, especially if contacting us on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday as our main focus is on the events during the weekend.


We are CLOSED on Mondays! 

We often times book up three weeks to a month and a half in advance, as we only take as many orders as we can complete to our high standard and all orders must be finalized a minimum of one week in advance.


We kindly request  and suggest that you contact us as soon as you know the date/theme/estimated guest count - we suggest contacting us a minimum of two to three weeks in advance if not more to ensure we have plenty of planning and preparation time before your event! Please also note we do book up quickly during the spring, fall and holiday season so more notice is always better!


Filling out this form doesn't guarantee or finalize a cake order - in order to guarantee a spot on our calendar (based on availability)  we do require a deposit for all orders in order to hold a spot on our calendar. 

*******ALL emails are answered in the order they are received based on the most recently sent - sending follow up emails will keep pushing you to the back of the line in terms of getting a response! *****

We are also reachable via phone and email


***Please note, price quotes are only sent through email - we do not do pricing for cakes, cupcakes or decorated cookies over the phone or through social media

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