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Christmas Pine Tree

Christmas Specials

The deadline to place your order is Friday December 16th @5pm

*Heads up - We are closing at 3pm on Christmas Eve to allow our staff to celebrate with their families! Thank you for your understanding!

This year we are offering discounts to those who order early! If you order BEFORE 12/9 you can take advantage too!

Our pre-order menu is limited, but we will have additional items in store on 12/23 &12/24!

*Full size extra pies will ONLY be available on 12/24, unless you are pre-ordering -

we will NOT have any extra full size pies on Tuesday 12/23. Extra full size pies are sold at a first come first serve basis - and will be LIMITED! We suggest ordering in advance to guarantee you get what you want!

Pickup is recommended on 12/23 UNLESS you are going out of town or celebrating early! We do not use preservatives, so items are best picked up the day prior to the Christmas holiday!

Our HOURS for the week of Christmas!

Monday - 12/19 - CLOSED as usual

Tuesday - 12/20 - 8am - 5pm

Wednesday 12/21 - 8am - 5pm

Thursday 12/22 - 8am - 5pm

Friday 12/23 - 8am - 3pm ***WE ARE CLOSING EARLY!!!!

Saturday - Christmas DAY - CLOSED!

Sunday (12/26) Thru Wednesday (12/28) - CLOSED (to give our staff a much needed break!)

**We are happy to reserve some of our extras - but many won't be available to reserve until 12/23!

*We do make the items you are pre-ordering special for you and set them aside to reserve them, so we can not offer refunds for people who are unable to or forget to pickup their orders. If for some reason you can't make it, please call us and we can discuss the options you have, or how to store the items, or when they can be picked up after the holiday.

 We thank you for supporting our small family business!

Follow this link to our website to place your order for Christmas!

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