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Cake Stand & Platter Rental

We offer a variety of cake stands, risers and table display items for different dessert bars and events.

Currently we have all white items, a select number of black, wood boxes (such as wine crates) and raw wood cake stands and platters (with the bark edging). We also have table clothes, burlap table runners, and a select number of tables that can be rented as well.

There is a rental fee associated with all items borrowed. This is part of the delivery and setup fee (if the item is being delivered or set up) or is a separate charge if you are setting up the table yourself and are just borrowing the items. The rental fee is based on the type and number of items borrowed so this will vary from order to order. 

We require a Cash or Venmo security deposit in addition to the rental fee above for anything that is rented out. Typically this averages $200-500 depending on the type and size of the event. This is due a minimum of two weeks prior to weddings and large events - and at the time of delivery for smaller events. No rental items will be left if the deposit is paid.

We offer both the option to return the items to us within 72 hours of your event, or we can return and pickup the items (there is an added cost for us to return) - please see the specifics below regarding each of these options

If you are returning the items to us:

All non-disposable items are property of A Little Something Sweet and are to be returned within 72 hours of the event time. The security deposit will be returned in full following the physical check of the items borrowed to ensure they are clean and undamaged (free from scratches, chips or marks that were not there upon delivery). If any of the items are damaged, broken, or not returned, a portion, if not all, of the deposit will be forfeited to replace the item(s). A list of overall cost of each item is available on request. Since this security deposit may not cover the entire cost of the items (as that would be a crazy deposit amount) you may be responsible for additional costs if none of the items are returned or if a majority of the items are returned damaged.

There will be a $30 per day amount removed from your security deposit if you return the items late without arranging it prior with us

There will be a $50 cleaning fee if the items are returned dirty. (A partial amount will be charged if a only a couple of items are dirty at the desecration of A Little Something Sweet Staff)

We will provide bus tubs to place all of the items in - it is not recommended once the items are in the tubs that you stack the tubs on top of each other – this is how a majority of the items get damaged or scratched.

We will provide plastic and bubble wrap style liners inside of the bus tubs – these are for use between the platters and plates when you are packing up the items to protect them during transport. Please only use the heavy plastic ones on any plates that are dirty – and clean them prior to using them on the cleaned plates to ensure you get your full deposit back.


You can also use the wooden crates *if applicable* to place the items in upon return - it is advised to not place items that are dirty in the bins as they are not washable from the inside without damaging the wood and leaving watermarks

The raw wood stands and platters are considered delicate - it is recommended that you use caution and care when packing these items up to ensure that the bark edging isn't damaged upon transport. 

If we are returning after your event to pickup the dishes:

There is a return pickup fee, and it does vary based on location and return time. We are an early morning business, so late night pickups are more expensive. 

You must arrange for pickup PRIOR to your event. Unfortunately we can't accommodate last minute pickups if it wasn't arranged prior to the finalization of your order. 

The $50 cleaning fee will be added onto the cost of the pickup fee, unless we are picking up the dishes the next day and you planned on washing them prior to our arrival. 

We still require a full cash or venmo deposit if we are returning to pickup the dishes. In the cases of weddings and events where the main host who paid the deposit will not be there upon our return arrival, we suggest venmo deposits as we can return it immediately and it is a bit more secure than leaving a cash envelope with someone else.

If something is damaged or goes missing during your event, a partial deposit will be retained to cover replacement costs. If we damage something upon pickup, you are not held responsible for replacement costs. 

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